Priyam.net is incorporated in the United Kingdom and based in East London. we collectively constituted an idea of IT consultancy business close to the Olympic village where economy is likely to grow. The company has wide range of IT services, hence has a slogan known as 'A complete IT Solution'. The services include

  • Information technology consultancy activities
  • Computer facilities management activities
  • Other information technology service activities
  • Data processing, hosting and related activities

Our Objectives

  • The Short and Medium Term Objectives
    Establish an IT customer service centre and a retail unit in East London. ·Create jobs to help local economy to grow. ·Establish strong relationships with small businesses. ·Use marketing strategy to build quick volume. ·Sustain profitability along with strong liquidity.
  • The long Term Objectives
    Expand the business through opening branches in other parts of London. · Become one the best IT service businesses in east London.
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IT Consultancy

We provide professional management of operating systems which includes Microsoft windows and Red Hat Linux. his package is suitable for companies those do not have their own IT department. We provide maintenance service all throughout the year. We ensure that our clients get proper services for their specific server and operating system.


Computer Networking

Network devices - firewalls, load balancer, router, switches and hubs- must be properly installed, configured and maintained to ensure network security and robust operation.Priyam.net provides broad range of network management services and will take the responsibility of ensuring their clients get proper services for specific network.


Server Maintenance

We provide professional management services for oracle, MySQL and MS SQL 2000 databases. We will offer broad range of management services and will take the responsibility of ensuring our clients get right services for their specific server.


Data Backup and Recovery Services

It is very important for a business to protect it valuable data. Most service businesses are highly dependable on its data and information. Recently, the retail businesses have become dependable on data to maximize their sales. Therefore, protection of data is very critical for an organization’s sustainability and success. While we cannot be held responsible for loss of data, we will make sure that validated and tested backups occur on a regular schedule basis e.g. at least once a day. We will provide and install the appropriate hardware.


Laptop and Computer

Hardware repair, replacement and software setup and management


Security management Services- Internet, system and CCTV

We provide wide range of security services such as internet security, system security and premises security (CCTV).Priyam.net will take the responsibility of protecting clients systems by offering comprehensive security management that combines intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning.


Web Design

We will design high quality website for your business.




560 Barking Road, London, Post Code: E13 9JU
0208 471 65 14